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Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a vacation rental company based in London, UK, launched in 2016. There are 5,000,000+ vacation homes listed online. The choice is overwhelming. Plum Guide was created to find, list and award the best homes out there with our trusted quality mark.

Plum Guide were looking to raise their series B and needed to demonstrate increased growth and performance on their platform. I was brought in initially on a short contract to work with them to identify and improve their product listing page conversion. Working alongside the PO, customer service and engineering teams we improved page load by 48% and increase bookings by 190%. 

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Defining the problem(s)


Over my time with Plum we worked on multiple aspects of the customer journey, including the full marketing site, end to end ecommerce journey including comms, customer / partner registration, onboarding and booking management.

After focus groups, customer testing and data analysis we found there were bigger issues affecting their conversion rate. I stayed on with Plum for 5 months to systematically work through the redesign of their marketing site, end to end ecommerce journey, customer registration and booking management portal. I worked with them as they expanded to their second country and set the framework for their internationlisation services.

Plum has an incredibly loyal base of customers, making it easy to recruit for repeat user testing. Testing and customer feedback was an integral part of Plum's ethos, we ran extensive one-to-one user testing and focus groups, these sessions were used to first understand and define the specific problem area's, then follow up sessions with protoype testing and iteration. 

As well as focus groups and one to one user testing we also ran online user testing to get larger quant data on key aspects of the UI and IA. 


Plum had an aggressive growth strategy and so timelines were generally short, becuase of this I seeded and ran a lot of mini hack sessions with the team, including the head of brand, head of product and engineering / customer service team. 

These sessions were used to get communal understanding of the issue, ideate on possible outcomes and quickly build out artifacts: lo-fi wireframes or prototypes that we could quickly test and get feedback on before moving on to high fidelity designs. We re-used this approach really effectively multiple times over my time to build out a data driven product road map. 


Rapid prototyping


Property onboarding wires + flow (happy path)
Lo-fi wires for a new property onboarding workflow. Breaking down large forms into managable sections, ensuring users always have a clear understanding of the task and their position in the flow. We went through multiple rounds of wires, testing and refinement. Refining navigation to allow users to easily save and revisit, and input sections in a non-linear flow for more flexibility. 


Protoype testing
Moving quickly to high-fi so we could run Time on Task and Success/Failure tests with users in a more real setting before speccing and handing over to the engineering team. Whilt at Plum I refined and consolidated the UI patterns to create an accessible and easily extensible design system. Greatly speeding up our ability to prototype effectively and speeding up handoff.


Search vs browse

Tackling complex navigation issues and multi-faceted search agnostic of device while still accomodating the delight of discovery. Following competitor analysis, analytics findings and user testing we prototyped, validated and built new search flows to accomodate different user modes, to easily allow passive browsing and saving or focused searching through to booking.



Plum Guide were looking to raise their series B and needed to demonstrate increased growth and performance on their platform. Over the 5 months I worked with the leadership team, we improved and built upon nearly every customer and partner touchpoint. We accomplished a huge amount of work in the time, improving ideation and design processes alongside continual deliveries. 

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